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 Vongola Ring Guardians

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Vongola BOSS! {Guardian of Sky}
Vongola BOSS! {Guardian of Sky}

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PostSubject: Vongola Ring Guardians   Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:41 pm

Vongola Ring Guardians:

Cielo (Sky):
Tempesta (Storm):
Pioggia (Rain):
Sereno (Sun):
Fulmine (Lightning):
Nuvola (Cloud):
Nebbia (Mist):

Important Information:

Vongola Ring Guardians are chosen personally by the Boss of the Vongola Famiglia based on the following criteria:

~At least ten RP posts in any Family, off-topics do not count.
~No forum offences (spam, flaming... trolling...)
~Just an all-around good person Very Happy

Note: Also, if you wish to be a Guardian, your main flame MUST match your ring. (Ex. Someone with a Mist type flame as his main flame and a Storm type flame as a secondary flame cannot be Storm Guardian.)
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Vongola Ring Guardians
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